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With the new Omicron variant seeming to become the new prominent strain within the COVID pandemic, the risk and fear of returning to lockdowns and businesses having to return to home working is looking increasingly likely. Once again this will see businesses looking to their suppliers to help maintain their service and delivery levels, whatever the coming weeks may hold.

But in some instances these potential changes could cause issues for businesses once again, with those businesses now looking for that supplier they can trust to help them deliver their services without any issues or stoppages.

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This is where Liberata can be a source of help for those businesses. Throughout 2020 and 2021 Liberata have been able to deal with everything the pandemic has thrown up and we have maintained our service levels across our client base, be this dealing with payroll changes due to furlough, through to helping deliver over £268m in COVID grants across various Local Authorities. Pandemic or not, we have always been there to help our clients to ensure they can function as best as possible without causing more issues than they were already experiencing.

In our last blog, we discussed how on-shoring your outsourcing needs may initially require a more expensive outlay, but in the long run it will work out cheaper for your business.

So whether you’re looking for a payroll provider who can deliver payroll services at 99.8% accuracy levels, or a partner who can spin up tech changes at the drop of a hat and help keep delivering for your customers and service users, Liberata is your trusted partner to help you navigate an increasingly uncertain business landscape

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