The need for someone you can trust

For businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, suppliers have been a lifeline in keeping operations running during the most uncertain of times. In the race to deliver remote working and flexible processes in a matter of days and weeks, only those with the tech capacity to deliver such sweeping adjustments could be relied on by struggling organisations.

Unfortunately, many businesses were not so lucky. We’ve all recently seen the toll Covid has taken on countries across Europe and Asia, with the Omicron variant set to wreak more havoc on India and other popular offshore service locales.

Healthcare crises and closed borders have given rise to crippling staffing issues and system failures for offshore suppliers, meaning that they simply cannot deliver the service levels their customers require. The knock-on effects for businesses in the UK have been severe.

Looking ahead, how can companies ensure they invest in a supplier that can deliver the goods, even in challenging times? The answer lies in that most valuable business asset – trust.

A steady hand through critical times

When the UK government announced the first national lockdown in March 2020, Liberata, like other organisations, had to respond fast. By mobilising our remote workforce and adapting our entire network in just eight weeks, we were able to react positively to the pandemic and deliver reliable service levels just like in pre-Covid days. Leading from the front during a time of national crisis, our integrated service approach helped Local Authorities deliver over £268m in Covid-19 business grants.

Our demonstrable track record saw businesses across the commercial sector lean on us to deal with all the changes furlough created. Liberata fundamentally maintained the high accuracy levels needed across payroll to ensure businesses could pay all their staff the right amounts at the right time.

It was – and remains – business as usual. So, what was our secret?

As a UK-based, onshore supplier, companies trust Liberata to take care of their outsourced business operations. They have a greater level of control with a provider they can easily reach, and with a clear understanding of local legislative nuances.

Shared values

Brand reputation matters. Businesses that choose to offshore their operations to countries thousands of miles away risk reputational damage, as global working conditions and standards of employment law can greatly vary. In a world where we all feel more conscious of our social and environmental impact, a UK-based supplier can guarantee peace of mind and ensure that all standards and procedures are consistent with expectations.

Customers also trust us to continue working towards net zero. Our sustainability journey mirrors the values and endeavours of the people we serve, strengthening collaborative ties towards a common goal.

In addition to trust, businesses that outsource within the UK gain the reassurance that comes with having face-to-face contact with suppliers. Especially during challenging times, having a strong relationship with a contact who knows your company’s values and needs is invaluable. A dedicated point of contact is a key differentiator for onshore suppliers, as issues are addressed promptly without the need for lengthy and faceless interactions across different time zones.

When cheap is costly

For businesses wary of post-Covid costs, the temptation may be there to opt for a cheap single source supplier. This choice could be reflected in the level of efficiency, accuracy, and customer service they ultimately receive. The pandemic has seen many offshore suppliers crippled and unable to function at the required levels, resulting in significant financial losses for the UK businesses relying on them.

To futureproof their business operations, companies must now invest in reliable and innovative tech solutions. The right software and services supplier can be trusted to deliver streamlined improvements and cost savings, even during tough economic times. Businesses that partner with us also benefit from our skilled and experienced personnel – most of whom have been with Liberata for over five years – who can be counted on to deliver inspiring outcomes for each customer.

Often, the most trustworthy and resilient solutions are those found closest to home. With the best tech, expertise, and value-driven methods on your doorstep, placing your trust in an established, UK-based onshore supplier is a reliable way towards a profitable and sustainable future.

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