Statement Tax Strategy

The Outsourcing Inc group (the Group) is a Japanese parented group operates in the UK through a number of UK entities (the UK sub-group). The Group focuses on enhancing the production efficiency of organisations which operate in a variety of industries across the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. 

The UK sub-group comprises of recruitment, business process solutions, consulting and debt management organisations, which provide services to central and local government and the private sector.

The UK sub-group is underpinned by robust executive and senior management teams and is committed to high standards of tax compliance by proactively ensuring the business remains compliant with all relevant UK tax obligations.

Please follow this link for more information on the Group’s business policies.

Approach to risk management and governance arrangements in relation to UK taxation

The Group’s on-going tax risk approach is based on the principle of taking reasonable care and ensuring that tax risk is identified, assessed, and reported on. Tax risk is measured by reference to its impact and likelihood. Impact may consider financial and non-financial factors.

The Board of each UK subsidiary company is ultimately responsible for oversight, tax governance and ensuring that there is appropriate framework in place in relation to tax and associated risks. As part of tax governance, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of each UK subsidiary reports to his / her Board, on as required basis, in relation to tax matters. The Board ensures that appropriate controls and processes are maintained and improved.

In the UK, the finance team in each subsidiary, which is led by the Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for carrying out tax compliance. The finance team plays an important role in the management of the tax risk and control environment. The business ensures that its approach to tax is clearly communicated and understood. 

Tax strategy seeks to maintain the each UK subsidiary’s and the Group’s reputation as a fair contributor to the UK economy, applying tax rules in good faith and in the spirit in which they are intended.

Level of risk in relation to UK taxation that it is prepared to accept.

In accordance with its robust tax governance and tax risk management approach, the UK sub-group has a low tolerance of tax risk and seeks external professional tax advice when required.

Attitude towards tax planning (so far as affecting UK taxation)

The business does not undertake any transaction unless it has a commercial business purpose. In addition to this requirement the Chief finance Officer of each subsidiary company, consistent with the Group policy, considers a number of principles before undertaking any transaction as follows:

  • Reputation impact
  • Impact on cash flow / financial accounts
  • Strength of tax advisors’ opinion

Approach towards the Group’s dealings with HMRC

The business maintains an open and honest relationship in its dealing with HMRC. The business seeks to have collaborative and professional relationship that embraces full disclosure and cooperation with HMRC.

This document is published on behalf of the UK subgroup qualifying entities* for the year ended 31 December 2022, pursuant to Paragraph 19(2) Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016, and is intended to comply with all other obligations within Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016.

This strategy was approved by the Board of Directors before 31/12/2023.

*Ntrinsic companies (Ntrinsic Consulting Europe Ltd, Ntrinsic Consulting Ltd, Ntrinsic Consulting Resources Ltd, Ntrinsic Holdings Ltd); Allen Lane Ltd, ALV Group Co Ltd, CDER Group companies (Advantis Credit Limited, Court Enforcement Service Ltd, CDER Group International Ltd, CDER Group Ltd, Phoenix Commercial (Enforcement) Holdings Ltd, Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd, Phoenix HCE Ltd, PS&P Ltd, Rundle & Co Ltd), Liberata companies (Liberata UK Ltd, Capacitygrid Limited, and Renovo Employment Group Ltd); Outsourcing UK Ltd; Veracity OSI UK Ltd; CPL companies (Care 24 7 Ltd, CPL Healthcare Global Ltd, CPL Solutions International Ltd, CPL Specialist Talent Ltd, Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment Ltd, RIG Locums Ltd, RIG Medical Recruit Ltd, Servisource Ltd, Pharma Professionals Group Ltd, Clinical Professionals Lt, Only Medics Recruitment Ltd, Regulatory Professionals Consulting Ltd, and Scientific Professional Ltd).

Charlie Bruin
Approved by the Board of Directors of Liberata UK Limited

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