People remain at the centre of everything we do, pushing us to deliver for the customers that we’re proud to serve. We strive to deliver inspiring outcomes for our customers, captured in the company values that make us ACE: Accessible, Curious, and Expert.


  • We want citizens and clients to find our services easy to access and be available to everyone who requires them
  • We make the right channels and medium available for every type of user, from expert web users to vulnerable citizens
  • We deploy the most appropriate technology to make these channels really work 
  • We help users overcome any difficulty they have in accessing our services
  • We are committed to looking for new and innovative technologies that can be utilised in our markets


  • Working with us means you have engaged a curious and enquiring team who constantly strive to learn more
  • We continuously review our services to provide the best outcomes for clients and citizens 
  • Curiosity is part of what differentiates us from our competition: we are always open to developing our mindsets and exploring new ideas
  • Clients and citizens feel confident and motivated in being supported by people who are always striving to do their best
  • We constantly learn as we develop and evolve our service offerings, leveraging technology and human insight


  • We have a depth of knowledge and understanding of the services we offer, helping reshape outcomes for clients and citizens 
  • We develop expert solutions, utilising technology and process re-engineering 
  • Expertise gained from longevity in the market enables our competitive advantage
  • Clients and citizens feel confident and reassured that their services are being delivered by experts
  • We consistently exceed the expectations of delivery within the sectors in which we operate

Social Value Model

Ethical Employment
Broadening Opportunity
Enhancing Skills

Developing solutions and services to:

  • Reduce administration and focus on more advanced ‘value-add’ activities
  • Enhance the skills of individuals
  • Provide additional opportunities for individuals

Skill Development and Employability

  • Recognising the importance of a skilled workforce
  • Developing future professionals through our links to Universities
  • Mentorship programmes, work experience and in year student placements

Employee Development: Investing in Excellence

  • Ongoing development of existing workforce
  • A skilled and motivated team is paramount in delivering exceptional services
  • Automation Academy and Ingenuity Champion Initiative

Professional Excellence

  • Maintaining high standards of professional competence
  • Tailored training programmes, continuous learning opportunities and mentorship initiatives

Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

  • Employee development programmes to promote and ensure equal opportunities for all
  • Bespoke equality, diversity and inclusion training
  • Dedicated equality, diversity, and inclusion steering group – LibED
  • Creating equal opportunities to eradicate workforce inequality, supported by:
    • Disability Confident Employer Scheme
    • Fair Pay Scheme
    • Advertisement of Job Opportunities
    • National Equality & Diversity Group (LibED)
    • Employee Support

Health and Wellbeing
Ethical Procurement
Management of Supply Chain

Developing solutions and services to:

  • Allow organisations to focus on core activities and therefore growth

Collaboration with local businesses and subject matter experts

  • Fostering partnerships
  • Focus not only to our own growth but also to the prosperity of the local economy
  • Engage local suppliers rather than national providers (e.g. events organisation)

Healthier Communities
Quality Working Conditions
Maximising Potential

Maximise Potential by Community Engagement

  • Engaging with the communities surrounding universities
  • Fostering inclusivity and diversity
  • Employer support accessible to a broader demographic through University outreach programmes

Healthier Environments
Sustainable Procurement
Carbon Reduction

Environmental Sustainability

  • Working towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040
  • Reducing travel by increasing use of modern meeting technology
  • Introducing office “hubs” – small footprint offices which reduce travel to larger ones
  • Encouraging home and hybrid working
  • Using our experience to move to ‘paper zero’

Ethical Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

  • Managing our partners:
    • Due Diligence – ensure that our partners uphold our ethical standards
    • Regular monitoring – ongoing adherence to standards.  Tracking against our Net Carbon Zero plans
    • Improvement plans – engage with partners to identify areas of improvement
    • Failure to meeting standards – decisive action with entities that consistently fail to maintain our ethical benchmarks
    • Prioritise partners with strong environmental credentials
    • Identify partners with recognised accreditation e.g. utilising ISO14001 accredited Data Centres

Value Add Job Opportunities
Innovation Solutions to Old Problems
Contributing to the Green Agenda

Developing innovative solutions and services to:

Tackle long-standing problems:

  • Take an unjaundiced view of problems
  • Utilising our own skilled resources to document, review, and design innovative solutions

Provide skilled jobs:

  • Look to upskill employees by reducing low-value administrative overheads
  • Providing appropriate training

Contribute to the ‘Green Agenda’:

  • Overhauling poor process to reduce waste
  • Maximising the use of ‘green’ IT infrastructure thus reducing the carbon footprint

Any questions? Need more information?

As a Council we are focused on ensuring that the services delivered are both sustainable and of the highest quality. We are delighted to be working with Liberata to help deliver these services on behalf of our residents and businesses. Liberata stood out with its ability to drive transformational change and improve customer access and digital services.
Richard Baker
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Liberata is the ideal delivery partner to help us achieve our aims, whilst ensuring we can drive down processing times and improve the service for our customers. Council tax and business rates collection will improve, ensuring that we have the funds to deliver the vital services that have a positive impact on residents’ lives. We look forward to working closely in partnership with Liberata to help achieve our aims
Rebecca Keene
Broxbourne Borough Council
Eastleigh Borough Council has worked with Liberata for a number of years who undertake the council's empty home reviews, and I must say, their service exceeded all expectations. From start to finish, they demonstrated professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine commitment to addressing this critical issue in our community. Thanks to Liberata, the council has been able to maximise our empty home bonus year on year. This positive impact on our community cannot be overstated.
Kerrie Thomas
Eastleigh Borough Council
The RV Finder service from Liberata has really helped us ensure that our data is as accurate as possible and, when the VOA has processed the outstanding cases, I fully expect to see more than £1,000,000 of additional RV. The “risk and reward” model works well and the Council only has to pay for their success and the service is something that we will use on a regular basis.
Steve King
Leicester City Council
Liberata has been empowered to create a seamless integration with technology to digitally transform the Revenues and Benefits service whilst trying to protect local jobs. The joint strategy has helped to deliver innovative solutions that have exceeded expectations, whilst providing savings to the authority. This surge in digital engagement has helped deliver strong year one outturn with electronic billing and the technology will enable us to show improvements in the benefits speed of processing and in Council Tax processing of moves, discounts and exemptions.
Andy Stevens
Swindon Borough Council