Static Debt Collections

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Static Debt Services

We apply a considered and effective method to recover debts.

Static debts that may previously have been assumed uncollectable can be a valued source of revenue.

We apply a considered and effective method to recover these debts.

Our Static Debt Services offers a flexible approach to collecting static debt that delivers focused recovery activity and supports customers to pay their liabilities more effectively without increasing indebtedness experienced by the customer. Our approach uses the following recovery process:

  • Case identification & prioritisation – Extracting the static debts from the more usual recovery/enforcement churn, segmenting the debts by customer type and debt type to identify the optimal debt treatment to maximise recovery
  • Tracing and data enrichment – Utilising a range of data providers to trace “gone away” customers and to append further contact information to their records, enabling future recovery activity
  • Multi-channel contact – Contacting the customers via multiple channels with tailored communications enables us to initiate a constructive conversation regarding their debt
  • Flexible payment mechanisms – Offering a variety of payment channels, payment periods and flexibility to suit a customer’s individual circumstances, making it easier to pay their liabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting & reconciliation – Ensuring that there is a clear view of all activity undertaken, the effectiveness of that activity and crucially all payments made

During implementation, we will agree on the case selection criteria with the Council, which will include the following factors:

  • Minimum case value – typically this is in the £250-£350 range
  • Debt types – we are able to support all council debt types
  • Case sanctions – the level of sanction that the Council is prepared to apply to each case
  • Customer vulnerability – minimising the impact on the most vulnerable
  • Payment preferences – including channels used and the types of payment arrangement that may be agreed

Our teams will undertake the data extraction (in conjunction with Council Officers) analysis, case segmentation, tracing and data enrichment, providing a file to import the resulting enriched data into the client’s systems. Upon completion of this activity, we will utilise a multi-channel approach to customer contact using a blend of letter, e-mail, SMS and telephone contact with the specific contacts and communications tailored to suit the likely response from each customer type.

Any follow-up contact made by customers in response to our customer communications activity is handled by Liberata teams using dedicated contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in particular.  All payments and payment arrangements are handled through and recorded in existing Council systems, with all reporting handled through the core processing systems.

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