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Single Person Discount (SPD) Claims

Our service validates SPD entitlements accurately

An estimated £90 million in council tax revenue is lost annually as a result of incorrect or fraudulent Single Person Discount (SPD) claims.

Our review service incorporates data matching and analysis from leading data sources combined with effective review activity and personal contact to verify and validate SPD entitlements accurately.  

Our Single Person Discount Review is a fully managed service that offers a simple, innovative and efficient way of reviewing and updating your SPD caseload. We can offer this service with Council Tax Reduction (CTR) claims included or excluded as you prefer and can also incorporate National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data as part of the review. We’ll work alongside your existing team to complete an accurate review and update of your Council Tax records, increased revenue, and a reduction in the number of incorrect claims.

We aim to:

  • Reduce the number of ineligible claims
  • Identify and address fraudulent claims faster
  • Improve accuracy of Council Tax records
  • Maximise Council Tax income
  • Review ongoing claims

The service usually takes four months from start to finish including the cooling-off period so it really is a relatively quick and painless process for improving the accuracy of your records and unearthing new income. 

Our SPD service can be offered in a variety of different commercial models to suit your needs. There are no upfront fees, no risk involved, and guaranteed outcomes. 

All services are available on the Government’s G-Cloud procurement framework.

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