Delivering Fully Managed Finance and Accounting Services

Due to the pandemic, many organisations sadly had to reduce their team sizes and in some cases reluctantly let teams go altogether. This means the increased workloads could now prove a real challenge for some teams to cope with. This is where Liberata can come in and help your organisation by offering our fully managed finance and accounting services.

How Liberata Can Help

Whether it is chasing invoice payments and resolving queries within your Accounts Receivable function or, providing additional support through your Accounts Payable service and increased processing of invoices or, improved supplier management, we can help.

We are system agnostic, our services are compatible with all major platforms and we can help identify and drive process improvements. Our services are flexible and we offer both long and short term contracts; having successfully onboarded over 500 organisations mobilisation is quick and easy.

Our services can cover:

  • BACS Bureau Facilities
  • Invoice Processing
  • Direct Debit Solution
  • Duplicate Payment Recovery
  • Supplier Statement Reconciliation & Recovery
  • Back on Track – Backlog Busting

Contact us to learn more about how our fully managed finance and accounting services can help you and your organisation.

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