Supporting Government Services through Covid-19

All government agencies are facing the challenge of continuing to support essential public services in these difficult times. Staff absences, significant additional demand and additional administration of government responses to the crisis including support helplines and Covid-19 Hubs all impact on the ability to deliver previously core services.

Liberata understand these pressures. We deliver key services on behalf of government. We are well placed to cope with this situation:

  • Over 80% (and growing) of our workforce are successfully working from home with no loss in productivity compared to office based teams
  • Our Intelligent Automation solutions are removing 70-80% of manual effort from processing tasks
  • Our digital transformation toolkits are driving and supporting online service delivery, reducing customer service workloads by 40-50%

All this helps keep our teams work focused on the tasks they need to deliver, in turn keeping our clients’ services running throughout the Covid-19 crisis and supporting the public in times of need.

We can help more.

Local government in particular is facing unprecedented spikes in demand for key services – Benefits, Customer Services and Social Care in particular. One example is the national increase of almost one million Universal Credit claims in the first 2 weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown. This translates to a near 20% increase in workload for already stretched Benefits and Customer Service teams.

Let us help. We can deploy:

  • Our Anytime remote Revenues and Benefits processing teams to help provide the additional resources you need to cope with increases in demand or to support you through periods of staff absence
  • CloudTools Resolve and Deflect software to help Customer Service teams direct customers online in half the time of traditional methods, releasing your people more quickly to work with the most vulnerable
  • CloudTools Performance toolkits to help you manage remote working teams and maintain or even increase productivity as people work from home throughout lockdown
  • Universal Credit Automation to remove up to 80% of the manual effort associated with the additional Universal Credit claims

We can remotely get all of these services up and running within a week. Please get in touch to find out more.

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