Partnership extends …

North Somerset Council

The current contract will see the partnership extend to 30 years. Building on our local knowledge the North Somerset shared service centre delivers outstanding results for the council as well as a further four local authorities across England.

We have benefited from Liberata’s local knowledge and best practise which has delivered high collection rates across business rates and council tax through a partnership which will span 30 years.

Richard Penska, Assistant Director, Corporate Services, North Somerset Council

How Liberata helped

Channel Migration

We have worked with debt charities and those in areas with low levels of internet use to ensure that all customers can access council services as the Digital by Default roll out continues.

Service Optimisation

With our expert understanding of the pressure local authority budgets face, we look at all the options available to generate additional income via new services, improved debt collection and use of digital services.


We review and change processes to better serve customers, working in partnership with staff and customers to ensure the best outcome.

Social Value

Over the last three years Liberata has taken on 12 apprentices, skilling up young people and building on almost 150 jobs based with Liberata in North Somerset.

Our targets were...

Continue the roll out of Digital by Default

With a digital transformation programme in place for more than three years, citizens and businesses are increasingly moving to digital contact and payment methods first.

Reduce benefit processing times

By reducing processing days on benefit changes, we help customers receive their benefits quicker, when they need them most.

Maintain Business Rate and Council Tax collection rates

Collections have been above 97.5% for the past five years.

Drive efficiencies by introducing new services

Online DBS checks have been rolled out, ensuring people can take-up new jobs quicker.

Improve debt collection

A solid debt recovery process built on staff training new contact methods has increased collections.

What we achieved


highest ever NNDR collection rate


sundry debt recovered

2 days

reduction on new claims processing time


reduction in call volume five years


Liberta awarded IRRV Business Rates Team of the Year 2017


of benefit claims and changes completed online

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As a Council we are focused on ensuring that the services delivered are both sustainable and of the highest quality. We are delighted to be working with Liberata to help deliver these services on behalf of our residents and businesses. Liberata stood out with its ability to drive transformational change and improve customer access and digital services.
Richard Baker
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Liberata is the ideal delivery partner to help us achieve our aims, whilst ensuring we can drive down processing times and improve the service for our customers. Council tax and business rates collection will improve, ensuring that we have the funds to deliver the vital services that have a positive impact on residents’ lives. We look forward to working closely in partnership with Liberata to help achieve our aims
Rebecca Keene
Broxbourne Borough Council
Eastleigh Borough Council has worked with Liberata for a number of years who undertake the council's empty home reviews, and I must say, their service exceeded all expectations. From start to finish, they demonstrated professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine commitment to addressing this critical issue in our community. Thanks to Liberata, the council has been able to maximise our empty home bonus year on year. This positive impact on our community cannot be overstated.
Kerrie Thomas
Eastleigh Borough Council
The RV Finder service from Liberata has really helped us ensure that our data is as accurate as possible and, when the VOA has processed the outstanding cases, I fully expect to see more than £1,000,000 of additional RV. The “risk and reward” model works well and the Council only has to pay for their success and the service is something that we will use on a regular basis.
Steve King
Leicester City Council
Liberata has been empowered to create a seamless integration with technology to digitally transform the Revenues and Benefits service whilst trying to protect local jobs. The joint strategy has helped to deliver innovative solutions that have exceeded expectations, whilst providing savings to the authority. This surge in digital engagement has helped deliver strong year one outturn with electronic billing and the technology will enable us to show improvements in the benefits speed of processing and in Council Tax processing of moves, discounts and exemptions.
Andy Stevens
Swindon Borough Council