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Hillingdon is London’s second largest borough to the west of the centre. Liberata has been in partnership with Hillingdon between 2008-2015 and 2017 onwards. Using our local government knowledge and award-winning collection processes we are working to ensure that Hillingdon’s citizens continue to receive excellent customer service when contacting the council.

How Liberata helped


Through Hillingdon’s openness and trust in Liberata as a partner we have built a good understanding of their internal structure, ensuring we can assist the council with their business strategy and work in partnership with them to deliver the savings they need.


New services added to the contract including Empty Homes Review Service and Single Person Discount to run alongside Business Rates and Council Tax administration..


Customer service has been strengthened to offer customers a reliable, solid system where we aim to resolve customer enquiries on one call. With a very effective and mature Business Rates collection process in place, Hillingdon benefit from best practice.


Review and change processes to better serve customers Full engagement with the council through assisting and documenting change to increase engagement with their channel management plan.

Our targets were...

Increase Business Rates collections

Liberata’s effective and mature Business Rates collection process is run across several London boroughs and ensures Hillingdon benefit from best practice.

Reduce customer complaints

Liberata work to reduce complaints and build a solid system for the future; providing a reliable service where customer queries are resolved on one call.

Deliver improved access to services

Assisting the Council in its Digital Transformation programme.

Support channel shift

New services have been added to the contract and support provided to the council to implement their channel shift plan.

Improve debt collection

Process review and support leads to improved collections.

What we achieved


additional cash collected by collecting over target on Business Rates


improve customer access to services


reduction in phone calls


reduction in caller to reception


best Business Rates collection recorded in Hillingdon (99.26%)


awarded IRRV Business Rates Team of the Year 2017

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