Liberata wins IRRV Excellence in Innovation award for driving digital transformation

With the business awards season back in full swing, we are thrilled to announce that Liberata has scooped a major award at this year’s Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV) Performance Awards.

Liberata won the Excellence in Innovation (Digital Transformation) award in recognition of our wide-ranging Revenues & Assessment transformation programme – ‘Going Digital’. The awards panel selected Liberata for its first-class implementation and delivery of the programme, which has resulted in outstanding R&A service performance and significant cost reductions for local authorities. 

The Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV) is a prestigious national body which promotes best practice in the fields of local taxation, benefits, and valuation. Competition for the annual Excellence in Innovation award is fierce amongst organisations and being one of the shortlisted three is always a proud achievement in itself.    

But Liberata was singled out by the panel for the scope, scale, and success of its digital transformation programme. From 2019, our Going Digital initiative has tackled a wide range of local government challenges in the delivery of digital transformation by:

  • Identifying the art of the possible in R&B digital services
  • Myth busting the blocks to effective digital transformation
  • Optimising access and service channel use
  • Extending service toolkits and their use
  • Tracking service digitisation across channels and touchpoints
  • Automating service delivery 

We achieved this excellence in delivery by investing heavily in key skills and capacity to get the best out of core toolkits, driving a marginal gains approach in all aspects of service and delivering key bespoke developments through a digitally transformed RPA platform with associated automations.

Our Going Digital programme has delivered truly staggering results, with five of the local authorities we work with recently being highlighted amongst the fastest councils in England to process housing benefit claims. 

Liberata’s award win is a fantastic achievement, made possible by the dedication and hard work of our talented teams. Although the Going Digital programme was officially launched in 2019, our journey really started three years previously, when we put the building blocks in place to enable clients to digitally transform. We then evolved from doing this on a client-by-client basis to delivering a much larger economy of scale.    

Being ahead of the curve with digital transformation enabled us to quickly work on all Covid grants when the pandemic hit in 2020. We ensured a seamless transition for local authorities under extreme pressure, adapting to the changing demands of the service to deliver exceptional support. 
We are extremely proud of the achievements we have made in recent years, and this award is a testament to the value we have provided to local authorities and their residents.

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