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22 September 2015

Liberata helps celebrate completion of Nelson’s Whitefield regeneration scheme

Liberata was delighted to be part of this month’s celebrations following the completion of the Whitefield regeneration scheme in Nelson, Lancashire. The celebration marked the culmination of a 10-year regeneration of the area during which time Liberata has delivered estates and architectural services to Pendle Borough Council’s Regeneration Team, Pearl 2, Barnfield Construction and Great Places.  Through renovating the properties in the Whitefield area, the scheme has delivered a large number of family friendly houses available for rent and sale. This includes 44 new and renovated properties as part of the Presbytery phase of the project, which was shortlisted for two property awards earlier in the year.

The event was a great success with Lord Shutt (chair of the former Whitefield Partnership) and the Mayor of Pendle, Councillor Narwaz Ahmed, in attendance to cut the ribbon as part of the celebrations. In total about 100 people braved the weather and congregated at the local school which was the one of the scheme’s major regeneration sites. Dean Langton, Strategic Director at Pendle Borough Council, commented: “Throughout Liberata has been a key strategic partner, with its estate and design teams being an extremely valuable resource to call upon.”

To see the properties that are still available to purchase in the area please click here

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