Liberata celebrates 25 years working in partnership with North Somerset Council

This month marks a fantastic milestone for Liberata as we celebrate 25 years working with North Somerset Council.

Since our partnership began in 1995, we have continued to deliver first class frontline services to North Somerset and its residents. We have reduced the time taken to process benefit changes – helping citizens receive payments quicker and when they need them most – while ensuring collection rates for council tax and business rates have remained above 97.5% for the past five years. This is all while rolling out efficient new services for North Somerset to support the council’s digital transformation programme.

Something we’re particularly proud of during our work with North Somerset is the external industry recognition the partnership has received throughout the years. In 2017, we were awarded the ‘Excellence in Non-Domestic Rate’ award at the IRRV Performance Awards.

We were also recognised in the ‘Excellence in Social Inclusion’ category for our support for vulnerable citizens – including the First Steps programme, which helps North Somerset residents manage council tax debt. In addition we have employed over 40 apprentices during this period alongside contributing over 800 days to support the community through a variety of initiatives including supporting local foodbanks, Charity coffee mornings and helping clean local beaches.

Success stories like these have helped Liberata be regarded as a truly respected, professional and established employer within the area, and it’s especially rewarding to see that 11 of our original employees from 1995 are still with us today. They – along with 108 colleagues – continue delivering crucial services to North Somerset and its citizens, and these achievements are testament to their hard work and continual dedication. We look forward to seeing these efforts continue to reap rewards for the council going forward.

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