Conducting a Business Rates Review

Identifying and validating new or additional rateable value is costly and time-consuming for any local authority. Since the pandemic hit workloads have increased and there may have been potential team restructures. But it doesn’t always have to be a burden to conduct these reviews, the ability to outsource these reviews could be extremely beneficial to a council.

The Business Rates Review (or RV Finder) service from Liberata identifies additional items that are either unrated or under-rated and gathers the right evidence to successfully get the hereditament rated via the Valuation Office (VO). The new Electronic Billing Authority Reports (EBAR) process has placed a further burden on local authorities to comply with the new guidelines and our service is set up to support this exact process.

Through our RV Finder service, we review and identify hereditaments that are not currently rated or misclassified.

How Does Liberata Conduct a Review?

  • We identify, investigate and validate new rateable value or additional growth on current rateable hereditaments
  • Then we will run a fully managed review including canvassing, outbound calling, full customer service support, valuation office administration, visits to prospects and a full reporting suite
  • We will exclude cases that are already on the council’s radar
  • Finally, we provide a complete validation of your current business rates base

Importantly, we don’t work with rating agents so there is no conflict of interest in terms of new prospects found.

No-Risk Basis

Liberata’s Business Rate Review service is a no-risk solution. Designed around your needs to maximise revenue with minimal risk, you only pay a percentage of the additional RV found once confirmed by the VO.

You can generate further additional income by incorporating our Empty Homes and SPD Review services when reviewing business rates. What’s more, all these reviews can be procured via the Government’s G Cloud 12 Framework.

As we move towards Rates Retention, you have nothing to lose in requesting a personalised business case for your council.

If you would like to learn more then please contact us.

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