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With a budget of £14.6m Burnley Council in Lancashire provide services to a population of 87,000. Liberata’s partnership with Burnley began in 2016 and runs for 10 years. The partnership is part of Burnley Council’s strategic planning around maintaining essential public services while meeting ever-increasing financial challenges. Burnley adjoins Pendle, another customer of Liberata in this region.

“We have a strong partnership with Liberata and it is helping us to deliver and maintain services during challenging times.”

Lukman Patel – COO Burnley Council

How Liberata helped


A shared approach to moving people online. Liberata sits alongside the council operating under a single identity with a shared approach.

Online access

The Simply Click portal enables the people of Burnley to engage with the council for a range of services; from managing Council Tax and benefits payments, through to Business Rates and refuse collection.

Local understanding

Liberata attend council surgeries in the community with the council’s leadership team, supporting them with face-to-face meetings with their citizens.

Information technology

IT services are provided to the council in addition to managing their digital transformation programme. We will continue to improve the way people can access their services and do business with the council online.

Our targets were...

Investment in IT

£4.9 million inward investment in Information Technology has improved service levels, delivered mobile devices for staff and implemented Office365 to support the transition to a paperless office internally.

Create new jobs

Local, skilled jobs created to deliver services to other local authorities from Burnley including the London boroughs of Bromley and Hillingdon

Provide easier access to citizens and businesses

New tools introduced to provide easier access to services including waste collection and landlord and licencing services while channel shift continues moving more services online.

Generate new income

The provision of environmental and licencing service to neighbouring authorities is generating additional income for the council.

Reduce claims processing time

Time has been reduced against a background of Universal Credit being rolled out, reducing the impact on citizen’s lives by providing access to benefits quicker.

What we achieved


reduction in customers seen face-to-face


new jobs created


Business Rates collection


target for channel shift on track


savings on transferred services

3 days

removed from benefits processing time

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