Expense management

Accurate expenses management is essential to cash flow and maintaining employee relations. Our Expenses Management Solution can simplify the process, minimising error and streamlining the payment process according to your needs.

Our Cloud-based Expenses Management Solution provides maximum flexibility to our customers who can either access the solution as a managed service or take responsibility for the configuration of their expenses policy and claim types using the out-of-the-box System Administration options.

The solution supports taxable and non-taxable expenses management and can integrate with client HR, payment or payroll solutions for the issue of expense claim payments. Alternatively, the solution will support the issue of expense payments, through the Liberata BACS Bureau. Interfaces are also available to bring to account expenses in client accounting systems. The solution supports various interface protocols as required i.e. SFTP, API etc. Reports are also available for both employees and central Finance, Payroll and HR teams.

Depending on client requirements, the solution can be configured to support a one or two-stage approval of claims, comprising of either approval or approval and verification.

Other functionality includes:

  • Automatic calculation of mileage
  • Online storage of claims
  • Automation generation of accounting information
  • View current status of claims at all times
  • Upload receipts for verification
  • Self-service review and update of bank details by claimants
  • Modulus checking of bank details entered into the solution
  • Record Bacs rejections and accounting switching information as exceptions and Bacs notifications are received

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