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Liberata provides customised on-demand business services to local authorities, calling on over 45 years of experience in the public sector. We have over 1,000 employees at hand to meet your needs and offer a wide range of services to support you and help increase revenue in a changing landscape.

Why Partner with Liberata?

Liberata has recently won a third generation revenues & benefits outsource contract with a South West unitary authority, taking it from a competitor. But why did the council chose us? Well, we really are “The Friendly Faces of Outsourcing” but here’s the detail:

  • Our service is a third cheaper than the previous supplier
  • Our service is better – for example, we will reduce the time taken to process new benefit claims to 5 days and 2 for vulnerable citizens (the National average is 12) and we will exceed the council’s own targets for council tax and NNDR collection rates
  • We have guaranteed to generate an additional £10,000,000 council tax and NNDR income
  • We are committed to a programme of service automation and service digitisation
  • We have guaranteed £1,000,000 for community and social value programmes that will support citizens across the borough

Do you want to know what Liberata would do for your council?

We have collated revenues and benefits performance data and used this, in conjunction with ONS information on deprivation, to compare your performance with similar authorities so we can demonstrate what the results would look like from a partnership with Liberata.

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