Funding Property Adaptions

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Disabled Facilities Grant

A Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a grant administered by the local council available to fund a range of adaptations that will assist a disabled person remain in their home. It is usually supported by an Occupational Therapists recommendation/referral.

The grant is approved, when the council considers that changes are necessary and appropriate to meet a person’s needs, and that the work is reasonable and practicable.

    Grants are given to undertake the following:

- Improve access in and out of the dwelling by, for example, widening doors and installing ramps;
- Ensure the safety of the disabled person and other occupants by, for example, providing a specially adapted room in which it would be safe to leave a disabled person unattended or improved lighting to ensure better visibility;
- Improve access to and from the living room;
- Provide or improve access to the bedroom, and kitchen, toilet, washbasin and bath (and/or shower) facilities; for example, by installing a stair lift or providing a downstairs bathroom;
- Improve or provide a heating system in the home, which is suitable to the needs of the disabled person;
- Adapt heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use;
- Improve access and movement around the home to enable the disabled person to care for another person who lives in the property, such as a spouse, child or another person for whom the disabled person cares; and
- Improve access to and from the garden where feasible

    How We Help

Liberata Property Services work with various Local Authority partners to deliver adaptations from receipt of application through to completion of work on site.

We offer the following services:

- Completion of application process (application forms, tenants or owner occupier certificate, checks of applicants in receipt of pass ported benefits, undertaking test of resource, Land Registry checks etc.
- Surveys and detailed drawings of minor and major adaptations (including obtaining Planning and Building Regulations Approval where applicable)
- Schedules of work and tendering
- Production of Pre- construction information for major adaptations.
- Inspection of works on site including monitoring cost and quality throughout.
- Project liaison with the various parties
- Administration of latent defects

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