An accurate review of SPD claims

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Single Person Discount

Single Person Discount Review is a fully managed service that offers a simple, innovative and efficient way of reviewing and updating your Single Person Discounts. We review over 420,000 SPDs on behalf of Local Authorities each year and achieve a typical SPD removal rate of between 4-5%.

Our Single Person Discount Review service uses sophisticated data matching from leading data sources and personal contact to verify and validate SPD entitlements.

We manage the full review process, from data analysis to investigation, handling all citizen correspondence and updating your council tax records if required. We also use templated letters and an intelligent online web form to help support councils’ digital channel shift whilst also offering several communication methods to allow residents to respond to the review.

What we do:

- Reduce the number of ineligible claims
- Identify and address fraudulent claims faster
- Improve accuracy of Council Tax records
- Maximise Council Tax income
- Review ongoing claims

The service usually takes four months from start to finish including the cooling-off period so it is a relatively quick and painless process for improving the accuracy of your records and unearthing new income.

To maximise your revenues combine this service with our Business Rates Review service.

Our SPD service can be offered in a variety of different commercial models to suit your needs. There are no upfront fees, no risk and guaranteed outcomes. What do you have to lose?

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