Longstanding partnership brings in additional income

London Borough of Bromley

Innovation and Trust

Liberata has had a long and successful strategic relationship with the London Borough of Bromley since 2002. During the lifetime of the contract, Liberata has taken on additional services and expanded our finance and HR services to schools. Bromley face enormous cost saving challenges and needs to save £30m over the next four years.

Our targets were...

Expand the channel shift programme

with the roll out of additional self-serve functionality.

Create and deliver new services

which included the launch of an online DBS service and a new process in the collection of static debts.

Multi-skill contact centre teams

to enable them to rotate between face-to-face and phone services allowing us to use the best resources in the right place.

Overhaul the revenues and benefits appointment process

which has reduced no-shows and late arrivals.

Increase support for vulnerable customers

by allocating more appointments to them.

Work in partnership

to deliver further efficiencies through the roll out of the ASH debt recovery system.

How Liberata helped

Increased efficiency

Supporting employers during changing times by removing paper from the DBS process, reducing processing times and ensuring people can start jobs earlier and employers can be assured they have completed the checks.

A personal approach

Changes were made to the citizen contact process as part of a Static Debts Pilot Project. With the creation of tailored communications to long term debtors, there has been a higher engagement with Recovery Officers for the first time in many years.


Working jointly with the council we have developed, tested and implemented the first phase of the ASH debt recovery system. The team and management are benefitting from the automation of tasks, increasing efficiency and the visibility of work performance and the status of debts at a glance.

Social value

Our staff will discreetly assess a customer’s needs as to whether an appointment is the best way to engage with them ensuring more appointments are available for those who need them most.

What we achieved


collected from static debts that were due to be written off


accuracy on payroll


of schools in the borough using our services

792 hours

removed from DBS processing time


of customers seen in 15 minutes


additional cash collected in Council Tax and Business Rates arrears

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