Universal Credit Automation

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Process Universal Credit claims, quickly

Our automation service delivers immediate results

Local authorities are under increasing pressure to process Universal Credit claims as quickly as possible, leading to front line teams fielding additional calls and complaints that take a toll on limited resources.

Our automation service delivers immediate results, helping your team to navigate increased work volumes and new initiatives.

Reduce your team’s daily workload by automating the vast majority of cases between the DWP and the Northgate system. You’ll also receive daily reports to help manage workloads, track case progressions, and identify data mismatches before they have financial repercussions. 

This information can also help improve future automation rates.

  • Fully tested and robust Universal Credit parameter configuration delivering 80-90% touchless automation
  • Optimal automation with full support
  • Comprehensive reporting for workload and exceptions management
  • Clear data cleansing process to improve automation rates over time

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