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Paperless direct debit solutions

Direct debit payments provide ease and security for all

Direct Debit payments provide ease and security for businesses and customers alike.

By making the entire process digital, you can improve payment rates, cut down on processing times and streamline the payment process for your business and its users.

Our cloud-based Paperless Direct Debit Solution makes the whole process as easy as possible, integrating seamlessly with existing systems and simplifying the online sign-up process to entice more customers to pay by Direct Debit. The Solution provides a full end-to-end administration of the Direct Debit process, including managing payment schedules, automating correspondence, production of AUDDIS and collections files, and processing all Bacs reports. 

Compared with traditional Direct Debit operations, the Liberata Solution will ensure:

  • No more complex and manual processes
  • No more multiple system logins
  • No more paper forms

 The benefits include:

  • Eliminating paperwork, delay, and postage costs in setting up a Direct Debit
  • Improving customer experience with 24/7 availability to sign up online for Direct Debit
  • Reducing errors as bank account details are automatically modulus-checked for accuracy
  • Starting to take payments as efficiently as possible as there is no wait for customers to return forms
  • Eliminating manual production of correspondence to customers, e.g. advance notice of payment
  • Reducing administration by automating production and processing of Bacs files and reports
  • Increasing the numbers of Direct Debit payers and reducing more costly cash, cheque and card payments
  • Eliminating the need to maintain and manage in-house Bacs software – saving costs and reducing risk
  • Allowing your team to focus on their core activities 

 As an option, we can run the service for you as a managed service, where our approach is designed to maximise the benefits whilst minimising the input of your staff. You will gain access to a UK-based team with the experience, specialist skills, and in-depth training on our proprietary technology. This can be a full or partially managed service, with service options including: 

  • Telephone sign-up service for customers
  • Management of unpaids and indemnity claims
  • Systems administration
  • Automated reconciliations and resolution of exceptions

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