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Duplicate Payment Recovery Service

Accidentally paying the same invoice twice may not be a huge issue if it is an isolated event, but if it is a common occurrence over several years, it could cost organisations hundreds of thousands of pounds, which is still recoverable.

At a time when the financial impacts of Covid-19 are forcing both private and public sector organisations to revisit their expenditure, duplicated payments are not a mistake they can afford to make. Action needs to be taken sooner rather than later, or organisations risk continuing to make costly over payments.

How we can help

Our Duplicate Payment Recovery Service uses the latest technology to identify duplicate payments and unidentified credits, which our team then validate and recover on your behalf.  This on average can equate to between £750,000 and £1,250,000 for a £50m annual spend over 5 years.

The service is provided on a completely risk-free basis – should no funds be recovered, no fee is payable. Furthermore, our professional team will manage the entire scope of the project, with minimal time requirements of your staff.

As well as recovering funds you did not know were lost, you will gain valuable insight into how your processes and policies can be improved moving forwards.

Utilise our duplicate payment calculator to identify how much you could boost your cashflow by.