Helping You Get Back on Track

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Back on Track Service

If you are an experienced finance professional with responsibility for accounts payable or accounts receivable, you will know that backlogs can build up for lots of reasons. It’s just a fact of life when managing a business and rapid changes like lockdown restrictions being lifted, or new legislation changes like the Prompt Payment Code tightening, mean things can build up quickly.

Our Back on Track Service is a helping hand so you can deal with the problem before it becomes a full blown crisis.

How we Help

Sign up for our Back on Track Service and you will have access to experienced, UK-based, Finance and Accounting staff to work as an extension to your team, giving you a more cost-effective option than relying on temporary staff.

As well as helping clear the backlog, we will work with the management team to get to the root cause and advise on practical ideas to prevent future issues.

We get up and running quickly and will work with whatever core accounting system you have in place.

Expect to see tangible results in short order.  With over 40 years of experience and having worked with over 500 different organisations across both the public and private sector you can depend on us to deliver.