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  • 500+ Commercial sector organisations rely on
    services and solutions from Liberata
  • £400k Our Duplicate Invoice Recovery solution will return, on average, £400k to your bottom line

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From multinational corporations to the SME market, Liberata has been providing services to the commercial sector that deliver cost savings; improve efficiency; support staff during periods of change and transition; provide automation and self-serve solutions; enhance customer satisfaction and identify and recover unnecessary overspend.

What we offer

Liberata provides software, solutions and managed services to streamline operations and drive efficiencies for our commercial sector clients. Harnessing over 40 years’ of experience, with skilled staff located at specialist hubs across the UK, we can enhance improvements and drive cost savings in the following areas:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR, Payroll and Outplacement Services
  • Customer Services

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  • F&A – managed services and solutions to prevent and recover unnecessary overspend
  • HR, Payroll & Outplacement – self-serve and automated payroll solutions; HR support and advice and outplacement options for staff transitioning
  • Customer Services – to facilitate enhanced customer contact (and satisfaction) whilst driving down unnecessary and expensive contact
  • F&A – Managed Services and solutions designed to improve cash flow, increase efficiencies and ensure your F&A function is fully supported
  • Automation – software to manage remote staff and drive efficiencies through effective customer contact
  • DBS Online Portal – fast, secure and easy to use online disclosure & barring service solution

Our Specialist Hub

Our specialist hub in South Wales is providing managed services to support the finance departments of some of our commercial sector clients (especially with Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable) where staff being furloughed or a reduced headcount has led to inefficiencies and a backlog of work. Our service can also include support for supplier statement reconciliation and recovery; BACS bureau facilities and a Direct Debit Solution.

Outplacement Support

With services that range from personalised career coaching and the latest in careers technology to on-site group workshops and career clinics, we build outplacement support that works hard for you and your employees and is genuinely fit for the modern job search. We are the UK’s leading supplier of specialist career transition support and the UK’s fastest growing outplacement specialist.

Working with a large, independent contract catering company, Liberata has identified and recovered over £400,000 of unnecessary, duplicate payments made to their suppliers

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We were already working with Liberata, taking advantage of their managed services around accounts payable and accounts receivable to sort out a backlog of work, when they mentioned their Duplicate Invoice Recovery Service. We had no idea that this was such a significant issue for a company like ours but I am extremely glad that we listened to them … with their help we have now recovered over £400,000 of overpayments and have a solution in place to prevent this happening again

Large, Independent Contract Catering Company Head of Procurement.

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